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Videos and Case Studies

WiMAX Service in Rural Germany

Learn how Germany's DBD uses MAXXonair WiMAX service to expand its customer base.


Case Study    DBD WiMAX   


WiMAX video from the United Nations World Summit

Learn how WiMAX is helping emerging nations tackle the growing digital divide and to connect the next billion users.


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Sundance Film Festival

See how Intel streamed the mountain-top film premiere of Rize at the Sundance Film Festival.


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Ironman Triathlon World Championship

Examine a WiMAX implementation case study at the Ironman Triathlon World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.


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TowerStream Brings T1 Access to New York City

Intel and TowerStream Enabled Avalon Publishing Group* to Quickly Establish a WiMAX-based Wireless Network in a Dense Urban Environment.


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Broadband Wireless in Rural New Zealand

Learn about Airspan and BCL Wireless Broadband Deployment in New Zealand.


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WiMAX Demo with Remote Controlled BMW Cars

The Fujitsu MB87M3550 WiMAX SoC is a cost-effective, fully integrated MAC and PHY mixed-signal baseband processor for Broadband Wireless Access applications. This SoC is designed to support frequencies ranging from 2 to11GHz in both licensed and unlicensed bands. Fujitsu's WiMAX SoC is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.16-2004 WiMAX standard and can be configured to be used in both base station and subscriber station applications. Fujitsu has a complete WiMAX Reference Design for enabling equipment manufacturers to develop WiMAX Forum certified products. Fujitsuís WiMAX SoC is currently being implemented in WiMAX Forum certified products.

Fujitsu recently announced its Mobile WiMAX System-on-Chip (SoC) solution and roadmap. This highly integrated one-chip MAC and PHY mixed signal baseband SoC is designed to optimize both performance and power consumption using Fujitsuís 90nm process technology, and is especially well-suited for PC cards and mobile devices.

White Papers / Technology Backgrounder (click for download)

  • Fixed WiMAX Applications Focus: IP Video Surveillance Networks
    January 2007
    The maturing of fixed WiMAX technology is making possible a number of exciting new applications that previously were limited by cost, distance and throughput requirements. With the latest wireless innovations, fixed wireless applications can now go beyond mere short-range data communications, and do so in a secure manner.

  • Design of Subscriber Station Software Stack Using the Fujitsu 802.16-2004 SOC Reference Kit
    January 2007
    The software stack for Fujitsuís WiMAX based Subscriber station reference kit can be partitioned into several components -- including the boot strap image, device drivers, the board support package (BSP) with a real time operating system, configuration modules and the operating system wrapper, lower MAC, intermediate MAC and upper MAC.

  • WiMAX Subscriber Station Design Using the Fujitsu 802.16-2004 SoC Reference Kit
    April 2006
    The Fujitsu WiMAX reference kit offers a quick way to develop Time Division Duplex (TDD) or Half Duplex Frequency Division Duplex (HDX-FDD) subscriber stations for use in WiMAX networks. The kit consists of a development board and complete MAC-layer software. The board includes Fujitsuís MB87M3400 802.16-2004 WiMAX SoC and all the other hardware resources required for a typical subscriber station.

  • RF Spectrum Utilization in WiMAX
    November 2004
    This paper discusses the implementation of IEEE 802.16a/d/e WirelessMANô (broadband wireless access), also referred to as WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), in terms of frequency spectrum. Spectrum-regulating bodies around the world have earmarked frequency bands, both licensed and unlicensed, for broadband deployment.

  • WiMAX Technology and Deployment for Last-Mile Wireless Broadband and Backhaul Applications
    August 2004
    This paper discusses the evolution of WiMAX technology and its anticipated deployment. While wireless connectivity options have expanded rapidly in recent years, wireless network access is available now only in limited physical areas. Internet and intranet users need broadband access that extends over longer distances to more locations. The industry's solution is the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) standard, developed to create certified standards-based products from a wide range of vendors.


 Wimax test in Sicily








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